Invocation, Evocation, Summoning tones

In the event of performing Invocation, Evocation, or Summoning of spirits, does the tone used in calling forth the particular entity(s) have any impact on the ritual?

Example: someone calling the spirit aloud and another whispering or calling in a little voice: especially when you don’t want others to hear what you’re doing or don’t want to disturb people in the same room.

I’m in that type of situation, and always called Spirits by whispering (an incantation for summoning by E. A. should be uttered just this way: “Etsel malakel test’zel…” etc).
Luckily an “existing” option is the Great Voice, where one hasn’t even to whisper but only to move mouth while thinking a Godname or word of power. Theoretically entities may also be contacted by thinking their names.

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Does it have an impact on you?

As long as you really get into it, it should have a positive effect.

I’ve done many rites where I had to whisper or intone at low volumes because walls are thin, and it didn’t hamper me. I just had to let go and flow with it.

(This includes having to say things at just barely a whisper, though I find it a bit harder on the voice somehow and recommend having a glass of water for your throat when doing an extended session of whispering invocations, etc)

That said, if I can do things at a louder or more regular volume I definitely prefer it as I can go ham, but don’t often have that option.

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Actually I’m trying to contact an ancestral entity from Africa and I don’t know if E.A’s formula or words of power works for them.

Thanks for your contribution.

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I love this forum so much because I have always get answers to whatever that is bothering my mind. Thank you :blush:

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