Invocation and Evocation of ArchAngel Michael

Anyone can tell me, should I use V.K Jehannum Archangel Michael English Hymn version or Latin hymn version.
I’m bad in pronouncing Latin Words…

Latin Hymn:
Veni, Veni, Sancte Michael Archangele
Voco te Mikail– Invoco Archistrategos
Princeps Gloriosissime Caelestis Militia
Venire Regulus Michahel, Germinet Gnosis
Veni, O Veni, Aperiatur Caeli
Salve Michahel, Princeps De Seraphim
Agios Ischyros Dynastes Michael!

English Meaning:
Come, Come, Holy Archangel Michael/ I Call to Mikail– I Call to the Archangel/ Glorious Prince of the Celestial Militia/ Come, King Michahel, and Engender Spiritual Revelation/ Come, Oh Come, Open Up the Sky/ Hail Michahel, Prince of Seraphim/ Numinous and Mighty is Lord Michael

Can I use the English prayer instead of Latin

V.k Jehannum Michael Magical Hymn link:


There’s also the version in Damon Brand’s “archangels of magick” book
With the sigil and Hebrew names


Use whichever’s more doable for you. Ultimately, the language doesn’t matter.