Invocation affect mind or brain?

Does invocation make the spirit go inside parts of your physical brain, or does it enter into your spirit consciousness?

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lmfao at the meme


Do you have any experience at all? It seems all you do is make posts asking random questions that are very similar to each other.

Can spirits live in my etheric body?

Can spirits live in my physical brian?

Can I change the make up of my brain to lucid dream?

Can a spirit take my body while I’m sleeping?


No the questions are different. I was asking about invocation affecting the brain

The questions are only slightly different. However, the subject matter is all the same ie spirits taking up residence in your physical body.

Have you actually used any of the knowledge and advice people have given you in the multitude of other threads you have opened?




I’ve scrolled through all of your posts and there isn’t a single one where you actually detail what you have tried. All you say is “I’m trying to project,” and “I’m working on my chakras now” but you never describe the actual techniques you are using or any sensations you may feel.

Everything you post is theoretical, based on what you have read or heard from other people. “Oh, I heard astral bodies don’t have chakras.” “Oh, I don’t do energy work because I can’t feel anything.” “Oh, I heard…”

What you really need to do is stop with all the hypothetical and theoretical stuff and spend a few months on straight energy work. It doesn’t matter if you can feel energy or not. Spend an hour or two a day vibrating the Bija mantras while focusing your awareness on each chakra and you WILL feel something eventually.

I am the most energetically insensitive person around due to my shielding, but I’ve been doing EA’s chakra exercise for a month now, and even I am beginning to feel a separation between my bodies.

I think your constant desperation to have a spirit take over your body while you flit off into some imagined astral paradise is what is keeping you from actually projecting.


My goal is to rebuild my energy body out of pure ethereal fire. Destroy all blockages and have my whole energy body become one chakra by merging them all together

When you keep toying with made up concepts you aren’t going to get anywhere. Where did you get the idea that “ethereal fire” is even a thing?


I suspect I may have some kind of shielding too. I have been meditating and evoking for some time, but I never had one supernatural experience in this whole incarnation.

Fire from the lake of fire

Do you even understand what the Lake of Fire ritual is?

It is an alchemical process for burning away certain aspects of the spirit and opening it to others. It is not “ethereal fire,” or whatever you think.


It is a place is it not?

Ea burned in it.

I have the Book of Azazel in which EA described his experience. It is not a place. It is a process.


My main focus is astral projection right now anyway. My path is astral projection and I am doing all I can to master it

Then I can do amazing things like others on the forum

The mind may be affected and afterwards the body, here there is a connection with an Italian article about Hermeticism saying that in the initiate there is an actual physical modification…

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You can make your astral body look however you want. It’s still going to be made of the same spiritual thought stuff as everything else. The lake of fire only seemed like a place for the duration of EA’s ritual. Someone going through an identical alchemical process may not have a lake of fire experience at all, but rather a ritual dismemberment or something entirely else.

Don’t believe everything you read on here.

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