Inviting newbies to this forum and opening the floodgates of trolls

Hi, guys!

What do you think about publically inviting newbies to this forum?

I think a lot of people can benefit from the eye-opening information that we have here but I’ve never publically invited anyone to this forum because it can attract a lot of trolls and I don’t want them here. What are your opinions on this?

Bonus question: Are you guys able to access this forum on mobile?

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If someone have to be here, he/she will. Don’t think upon this idea.

Are you guys able to access this forum on mobile?

I can.


Since i’ve already answered your question,
i’ll simply post the link to the answer you’ve been looking for. :wink:

Specifically: You’re not a member of the Company Become a living God, i suppose.
They do offer contractship,
where you can become a re-tailer of the Products.

For more Detail please visit:

Apart from that, Mouth Propaganda is never wrong,
and also naturally happens.

Those “newbies”, which aren’t interested so much,
and simply want to “Troll”, usually become very quickly obvious.

It’s a fact the Forum deals with since several years,
and great Moderation, mainly From @Lady_Eva,
allows most Members to remain relatively free of the crap that comes along with it.

yes the information range of the Board is very rare.
i think many things you find here, you wouldn’t even find on Reddit.

the Board is handling each Member according to his or her behavior.




I can access the forum on my mobile phone without any problem. Good programming.

I am also divided about the forum’s publicity. It’s not hidden - if I could find it, anyone could. But I sense that many that find us are serious about the many things we do. I am afraid that if it’s publicized, we’ll have a major influx of posers or people who’re interested perhaps in the darker side of things but have no knowledge. Many people here - myself included - keep the experts busy with questions about our work. This influx will inundate these precious experts, waste their time, and the experts may eventually leave.

There’s a certain type of conversation that is common here - serious, open, exploratory, sharing, etc. I LOVE coming here because of that. If the tenor of conversation changes dramatically, we’ll be just like any other forum of Satanist-wannabe posers.

Just my two cents.


Don’t get it wrong. Many leave Balg, they did and they will continue to.
Because, after all,
Gnosis can be so specific and disturbing to the mind and understanding of others,
that discussions arise where simply NO ANSWER can be found.

I’ve seen expierienced Members leave,
and it’s always a little sad.

Sometimes they come back,
sometimes an imposter tries to steal an already established name.

Guys, the internet is ONLY what the people MAKE OF IT!!!





By the way, i want to extend on the matter with one more point.

During reading different grimoires and Topics on Balg,
you naturally come accross “this is forbidden” “only for advanced practicioners”

-Ever wondered how come people write such things?
because their OWN mind is overblown by the application and discovery,
and they sincerely CARE for the reader to be treated with respect.

Any practicioner that comes to a point of writing such “words of caution”,
usually fucked up hardcore before that,
due that working,
or at some point said to himself “fuck it, i’ll do it anyways.”

That Fuck it, i’ll do it anyways!,
is something newbies first have to learn,
and if you want to encourage people to be more bold,
and do more serious work:

I highly encourage you to give that advice,
both to your self,
and the people you work with / have around you.

That, is exploratory spirit in itself. :wink:




People naturally have too many reservations about black magick to come to the forums to just fuck around.

You would also have to already been searching to even land here, which is like an invitation.


Simple thing, this forum runs on member-moderation - that means, if you see something fucky, be it trolling, grandiose cliams the person may believe but which could cause problems, or anything at all that concerns you, flag it - that silently and discreetly alerts us.

The flag function is under the three dots … at the bottom of each post or PM, and it has a confirmation stage so you can’t flag by accident, also, it has space to describe what you think is wrong with the message or PM; please always flag if in doubt, there is no penalty for a flag that may not be quite on the mark of anything like that, it just lets us know that there may be something that needs to be looked at.

Your individual flag will NEVER cause anyone a problem and I hate banning anyone, so I always strive to explain rules first, it happens all the time and people go on to become great and active members. :+1:

But, if a post is controversial, rude, or in some other way a massive problem, the forum will automatically listen to YOU as a member, weigh things if a particular post is getting a lot of flags, and hide that post, or even, lock a topic for a few hours if someone is having a real trolling/flaming session, so you get a vote in whether someone’s behaviour is causing enough problems right in that moment to help keep the forum from being over-run.

BALG forum is all about personal responsibility so the software we have here that permits this member-moderation is ideal, and much better than relying on a few people to get things under control, instead every member on here has the rights and responsibilities of keeping things troll-free, and helping put out flame wars. :smiley:

So, if in doubt, flag, that helps keep everything functioning and in 99% of situations I can have a quiet word via PM and explain to someone what the problem is, and set people up to succeed and enjoy their time on here! :smile_cat:


I believe if you are really searching for magic, magick will find you.

The search intent matters that is why we have only serious minded people here ( maybe some I don’t know).

It is good that new users have to search, yearn for this forum before they find it.


I found this forum via YouTube videos from E.A. Koetting [BaLG] Had a look at the site BaLG and it was interesting. I felt the energy was not quite right for me yet, but I felt it was a place to start some learning and understanding from.
Then I seen the forum link and used the link to get here, I found that the energy here is good, a nice balance. I read a few of the post before I decided to join up as I felt comfortable.
Would I follow ads or public links saying good this forum was, boasting about we are great and wonderful just like the rest but better!! Sorry NO FUCKING WAY I would have closed the page the link was on and moved on with my search for some truth and knowledge. Some things are to personal to click on ads for!!

that,s my two cents worth for what it is worth.


I’ll get nervous if too many trolls come. The last thing I want is the forum being flooded with posts containing false info about the occult and magick.

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