How exactly do I call a spirit inside myself or invite a spirit into me?

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Learn to do invocations.

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But I learned that when doing invocations it’s not like partial possession @anon48079295

Well when you invoke you still have control over your body and the likes, but you’re inviting the entity or energy into you.

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Reminds me of this meme:

Gotta agree with Velenos on this one. The more I worked with my entities, we were able to “strengthen the bonds” that tie us together and it eventually allowed us to do things like this.


Ok thank you, but how do I get it to the point where the demon can control part of me and I can still control part of myself? That’s my main goal @anon48079295 @SagaMysterium

With my entity, when I was invoking them, I just asked him to enter my body and do what he needs to. Also, when the entity wants to enter and I haven’t shielded, the entity just does it.

How to get an entity to possess you?