Invitations from spirits

I am interested in hearing any experiences people have had where they were given some type of invitation by a spirit to evoke or work with them. It seems that a certain spirit from the Book of Azazel has been trying to get my attention. I have not worked with any spirits from that book yet.

There was one situation that happened to me that was connected with this spirit, that I wasn’t sure if it was just coincidence or that the spirit was trying to get my attention. And then a few days later, another situation happened to me which was, without a doubt, this spirit trying to get my attention.

I’ve read an account of another forum member who has received an invitation from the BOA. Is there anyone else who has received an invitation from a spirit from the BOA or any other grimoire?

If you feel like ge’s calling you why dont you give him a chance? May I know which spirit is?

I definitely will give him a chance. There is one spirit I need to work with before I get to him though. At the moment, I would rather not say the spirit’s name. I feel that if I say his name or anything more about the situation, then I would be betraying him in some way. However, once I start working with him, I will let you guys know as much as he lets me divulge. I don’t mean to sound like I think I’m special or anything.

Hrhehe, relax! Good to hear you made up your mind xD

A few weeks ago I was watching EA’s video of the evocation of the 9 demonic kings and when the screen went black I saw a 2 shadow figures on either side of my TV that kept appearing then descending into the floor.
I grabbes my Gateway of Pacts that TWF made for me and fired up some incense and did a blank evocation asking who or what they were as they had an intelligent vibe about them.

Nothing materialized in the smoke as I cannot see spirits YET,but the shadow figures kept appearing and disappearing on my wall.

The reply I got was in unison.

“We are Ba’el and Belial.We have come to raise you into power.Call us this night”.

I haven’t called them at the same time yet but have communicated with them individually to see what they have to offer.

I’m currently still trying to decide on how to go about this.