Invisible tarot exercise problems and introduction to the forum

Hello all, my name is Odrev and I am from Greece, I am relatively new to all this so I have no preferred topics of magick as of now, but I am going through with the divination course and am a bit stuck on the invisible tarot exercise, so I wanted to ask for any tips if someone can give me in order to make i easier, also is it a necessary to go through with this exercise in order to progress because I have done the afterlife hypnosis with some results as of recent in my first try, but I still want to attempt the invisible tarot

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, but you didn’t have to also repeat your question about the invisible tarot technique.

If it was answered I wouldn’t have to indeed, but just to be safe I posted it on both threads so if anyone were to see just one they would be able to offer their help, speaking of that, if there is anything you would like to add DarkestKnight then I would be very pleased to know