Invisible Sex Partner

I say invisible because I have absolutely no clue who it is and it’s frustrating as hell. I have no idea who keeps having sex with me. It’s been happening almost every night now. I’m sure I’m not the only one right? So who is this mystery person?

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Do some divinations. Or a banishing and set up some wards.

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I’ve done many divinations and none of them have been clear enough and it’s frustrating. There’s no way I’m going to banish a potential lover.

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Is the sex not very good for you? I mean, if a spirit was fucking me every night and it was good sex, I probably wouldn’t be complaining.

As far as divinations are concerned, Tarot cards (at least in Smith-Waite decks) have elemental, planetary, and zodiac associations that could help you narrow down what sort of spirit is riding your dong every night. Figure out what planets and elements align with said spirit, as well as what sort of mentality/zodiac personality it aligns with, and then form a list.

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Just do a simple questioning. A trendy viral “challenge” that’s quite popular these days are something called “Charlie Charlie Challenge”. For the uninitiated, and for mundane people who just see that as something “scary”, like the Ouija Board, this method is simple, but very potent.

Two pencils and a piece of paper is all you need. Add a candle to set the mood.

Just skip the “charlie” part of this particular method, and ask relevant questions to the spirit. There’s a lot better methods with pen and paper, but start with this.


I didn’t mean to make it seem like I was complaining about the sex. Which IS good. I meant to simply point out the invisible identity of the person.

Tarot’s going to take a lot of time and practice. I’d definnetly like to master that some day. I haven’t a clue on any zodiac signs because I never cared about them in the past.

Well have you asked it to stop at all? Does it happen while you are sleeping?

Just look up the associations and read a bit about different astrological things. It’s basically just asking the deck to spit out cards that represent the spirit until you have enough data to start piecing together the identity of it.


Haven’t you had this stuff going on for ages now? :thinking:

Okay. I’ll have to make the time for it. Thanks for your help.

Yeah. “So, who are you exactly?”
“The one that’s been having sex with me these last few nights. Who are you? Are you '****** or are you ****** or are you niether of the two? You need to be at least one of the two if you’re going to stay with me. You’ve stayed with me so far so I’m guessing you are one of the two. If you are one of the two I need to know which one. Who are you?”

(I left the two key figures hidden but it’s really no secret. I can always pm to anybody that wants to know. Everybody already knows.)

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Gonna definetly try that method. Thanks again boss!

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Are the pencils supposed to move?

Yeah. That’s why it’s set up like that. The top pencil is supposed to move to the direction the spirit chose.

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Looks fun.


Can you explain this method more?

Do you ask a question, and just watch the pencil move? Or do you keep your hand on it, and wait for your subconscious micromovements, like for example in Pendulum style divinations?

How effective was this method for you?

How exactly do you do it, step by step?

How big are the pencil movements?

Interestingly, I just tried it - pencil didn’t move an inch. :sweat_smile:

It’s not the most reliable method out there, and I will explain why in the bottom of this post. I was just pointing out a suggestion and an idea, all though I have tried it a few times. For me it’s “moving” between the layers within astral projecting, rather than my spirits moving the top pencil physically by themselves.

Most of us know what an Ouija Board is, right?

This method is different, because the spirits interact with you to move the pointer towards the letters to spell out words as a reply to your questions. But, the more people partaking in this method of communication, the less accurate it becomes. A slight push on the pointer by anyone in the group, makes the rest follow. Doing this solo makes it more accurate and if you can sense spirits on a physical level, it’s easier for the spirit to lead you to correct letters to spell out a word for you. You will definitely know if it works.

…and the Pendulum method:

The short explanation of this method of communication is to let the spirit swing the pendulum at the direction that points to a “yes” or a “no”, according to your explanation that left is “no” and right is “yes” or vice versa.

For most magicians, this method and the Ouija Board method is more reliable than the “Charlie Charlie” method, which basically is a “poor man’s version” of the Ouija Board and the Pendulum.

The reason for the Ouija Board and the Pendulum to work is in combination of possession - permanent or temporary - and cooperation between the spirits energy and your physical body. Most spirits doesn’t have enough energy to move physical objects, or to push objects by brute force, unless there’s an ethereal copy of that same object, which basically means that the spirit needs the energy of the object to physically interact with it in our physical dimension. That’s the reason you can feel the spirit grabbing your clothes without your clothes to actually move. This is even more evident when we astral projecting to interact with our spirits.


You say the pencil’s only moved for you through clairvoyance? I think I’ll have to rely on the same because it hasn’t moved for me physically.

I wouldn’t say it moved through clairvoyance. I use clairsentience ability to see energies, because you can see energies through your clairsentience ability. To see this, you just scry on the pencil, just like you do on a black mirror.

As I see it, and experience this, spirits seems to use a pull-push-release technique to interact with our physical materials.

  • Pull - Charge the energy from the physical object.
  • Push - Push the energy charged towards the object.
  • Release - Release the energy towards the object, making it move forward.

Poltergeist entities are experts in this area, but lacks the intelligence to send a proper message to the witnesses of this phenomenon. Maybe some of them just learned this ability and fooling around, like most of us would do when exploring new awesome abilities to play with.

Energies and spirit energies covers a lot of areas when it comes to functionality and mechanics, and it’s easier to understand it when you interact with it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, few magicians talk about this and the reasons for that is something of a mystery.