Invisibility Manual by 333

@333 alluded to an invisibility manual that he found on the internet. [quote=“333, post:12, topic:5059”]
I’ll be posting the full thing sometime this weekend, sorry to keep you hanging, but I’d give it a try. One of the things that makes me trust this author is the fact that he asks of the student to place an object in front of a mirror and to raise this barrier between them, knowing when to stop because said object will not appear in the mirror anymore.


This was two years ago. Now, the last post that he posted was in September of last year. I PM’d him twice, but he must still be too busy to respond. However, this is extremely frustrating because all he did was allude to this manual without writing the name out in the post.

How can I find the name of this manual? I’ve been looking for the name on Google, but I don’t know how to focus in on it.

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Oh it’s there but you can’t see it.


God damn it.