Invincibility from deadly violence

Gunshots, physical violence, car crashes etc. How can magick be used to provide full invincibility against these gross physical attacks?
Please mention all you know about it.

Probability manipulation. The best way to defend against it is manipulate the trajectory of your existence so it’s simply never encountered, retroactively/actively/etc.


Hmmm…How exactly does this work?

You’re body isn’t ever going to be invincible, your spirit is. You can upgrade yourself so when danger is near you’ll have a better chance of avoiding it. You can try many things to make yourself more durable, that’ll help.


you can also be immortal

Don’t be places where there’s a higher chance of those things happening to you, like bars, clubs, concerts. I don’t know how you could avoid cars though.

As a matter of fact, don’t go outside.


That was too funny LOL but then there’s drive by’s.

Before something occurs on the physical plane, it happens on the mental plane, as a thought. It’s a good idea to stop it there, if possible. Spirits can be proactive against physical violence. They can shield, or steer you clear by diversion.
From the goetia, there is King Bael to keep you hidden from sight, granting safe passage.
King Belial, protection and diversion.
Also doing divination before travelling to a sketchy place, Vassago.
Sometimes avoidance provides the best invincibility, rather than physically facing a firing squad.

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Find a safe place to go.
You can start to work with any spirit you have a good connection and ask to point you out for the next step.


why do such things seem to plague your thoughts?

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I have studied and taught various combative arts for most of my life. Performance enhancement & teaching self defense on all levels has been a major point of focus. Old stories exist of original North American natives using “medicine” that had the full faith of the value of its use. I honestly have not dug too deep on that lore. Something that may be of interest is looking into some of the more esoteric aspects of the Filipino martial Arts such as Kali. Tribal edged weapon based arts born and perfected in battle, invasions of their homeland, tribal territorial disbutes as well as individual death duals. The key word to focus your research is “anting anting”. Like anything else, it’s often not openly discussed at lower levels and bogus info abounds… This is one of those gotta put in the time and effort to get to the upper levels of such an art, and pay attention along the way listening for such verbal cues as stated above. Iron body, both internal and external does exist…but none of these are remotely foundational elements of the art. Body hardening builds over time through sustained hard work and mindset mastery. Also confidence, skill, strategy and street smarts as listed above plays a huge part in not having to test out any often unreliable ki related shielding techniques or magical necklaces. Odds are that many folks lacking the community connections would end up wearing something made for tourist and end up being strangled by their own chain. Food for thought…

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