Investment, looking for people that really want to profit

Hello everyone. Are here any other people , that are heavily interested and connected with investments be it online ones, stock market or something third ?? Hope we could share some tips,guides,knowledge,opinion with each other, both regarding our own knowledge gathered from our own Actions and experiences with investing and those gained from the occult ( spirits ).

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Me and guy i meet online (he is not from this forum) but he is into and connected to occult. Well he did know in what he should invest , and when (at what price) he should sell it at later on, before it falls down again, he told me exactly how it will go. And it did go that way, only thing is that i did not 100 percent trust him and doing that i did not invest my money into anything that he told me. If i did i would be ( depending on how much i would invest ) , but i could say i would be richer for 10 000$… If i listened to the guy. But sadly i did not. I do not know did he practiced divination , or some sort influence magick… But he was right no question regarding that, so again is anyone here willing to work with me or some more members to influence(try to influence) specific thing in investment to earn some profit? I mean to at least give 100 percent of our powers and try to profit from it , to make this work…

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I trade part time, but unfortunately I can’t help with more than this suggestion…

Learn harmonic trading, focus on two patterns : Gartley and Bat Patterns. No software, learn how to draw them manually on chart and how to trade with them. There are many strategies available and all are extremely profitable. Forget all other harmonic patterns and just use or start with the ones I mentioned. Plus money management for your short term and long term financial goals.

That’s all you need to trade any market, especially stocks and currencies. Of course spiritual help would also be useful.

Good luck,

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Hmm i invest mainly in dividend stocks, more for stable flow of cash, and i go more on fundamentals- financial reports…


You can try to evoke the Riprinay entity… I intend to work with this entity!