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Do any of you have any advice regarding investing magick? Like if someone were to make daily offerings to a spirit of divination do you think they would do very well (perhaps daily offerings for a year)? Are there spirits who are willing to help with short-term investing? Have any of you used or heard of investing magick?


Clauneck, Buné and other spirits help with long-term investing and business-type money magick, and this thread may also give you some ideas for further research:

This is also relevant:

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I would consider it to be long term money/prosperity magick.

Not a bad idea. Especially if you were into something like paper assets or land development. Why stop at a year? It takes much longer than that to build any real wealth.

I have had great results working with Lord Clauneck in a capacity of money theory, and in keeping nice with endeavors that result in cash flow. I cannot say regarding appreciation-type assets, as I don’t have much intentional interest in those myself, but he can help you in the short and long term if you create your own avenues for money to come to you.

For short term money or investing issues there are really no “best” one to recommend, though. An entrepreneur does not always need a money spirit. Sometimes, like you said, divination could make you a powerhouse. It really is situational. Find the areas where your investment could hit snags, and isolate and address them as needed. This kind of thing usually involves a long term working coupled with multiple workings on an as needed basis.


I was thinking specifically about crypto currencies. Type in and you will see listings of hundreds of cryptocurrencies. There is huge volatility, typical daily swings of plus/minus 10%. So I am hoping with daily offerings to a spirit of divination or wealth I would start getting intuitions of when to buy and sell. So a spirit of divination could easily provide you massive returns. I think this would be far less time intensive than a business endeavour.
Doing the math: if the spirit told you to make one trade per day that grew your investment an average of 2% each time, after a year you would have 1.02^365 = 1377x your original investment. So you could retire in one year with a 1000$ initial investment. I am wondering if this scenario could happen? Would a spirit help me out like that? I think investing sounds like an easy avenue for money to come to you, far easier than starting a business.

I already have a wellpaying day job and I dont want extreme wealth, just enough to not have to work a day job.


Thanks Lady Eva. I have already looked through a lot of the financial threads here. And I am currently working through GalleryofMagicks Wealth Magick book, which is almost 180 days of straight rituals, and I’ve purchased a few other money magick books which Ive done a few rituals from. Im only about a month into the Wealth Magick book. So far in about 1.5months Ive gotten a 7k raise at work, gotten 800$ refund from work which they told me they had never in 20years refunded anyone, and Ive had tons of moneymaking ideas come to me, I have a spreadsheet where I write them all down.


Look into Jason Miller’s book Financial Magick. It has some info on daily devotionals to Jupiter and may be of help for long term money matters

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What do you think building businesses is, lol? What you are talking about is speculation, not investing. It is essentially nothing more than glorified gambling, which is the same reason I avoid every other kind of paper/electronic asset. Now, maybe you get lucky, maybe you get a spirit to feed you the winning number. You don’t know if you don’t try, so by all means do not let me deter you, but just understand what you are doing. Divination definitely sounds like your best route, or even a gambling inclined entity.

I realize I am being a huge, negative buzz kill, but not all spirits are predisposed to giving you an easy out, which sounds like what you are looking for, so I would at least suggest having a chat with them about what you want before setting any of them to task. Like I said, with matters of money magick and spirits you are best served by being flexible.

If you’re cryptocurrency experiment fails you may want to look into passive assets that generate cash flow and snowball them. I put a high value on hard work, but I see very little point in working hard for little gain. One of the best things I can suggest is to understand the 80/20 rule, then try to convert as much of that 80 over to the 20, then watch your material abundance grow accordingly.


Wise money mgmt is the 80/20 rule - eventually your investments starts to earn you more income than your salary.

Crypto is worth a try. My brother made a 7x return in 6months on crypto trading. And disregarding the price of bitcoin, he probably made a 2.5x return (ie if he initially bought 1 BTC then due to trading he has 2.5 BTC regardless of its cost in USD). And thats from him spending 1-2hrs a day reading crypto blogs and forums and then trying to follow the waves.

And thats the reason for developing a relationship with the spirit - daily offerings. I dont imagine it would be too hard for a divinatory spirit to do this. Although on the other hand if it was that easy than there would be many stories of sports fans doing stuff like this for sports gambling.

I’m just looking for peoples advice, so thankyou for your opinion

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Please don’t try divination in trading, it could turn out bad, and it would end up being gambling.

Trading should be mathematics. I use a system that has a 70-80% accuracy. My risk reward ratio is minimum 2:1 meaning I don’t risk one pound or dollar unless I can get at least 2 back 70% of the time. That way although you will get lucky runs where the last 20 decisions were winners and bad runs where the last few were loosers it never breaks your account.

By all means contact money spirits and divination spirits to help you spot the opportunities and take action on.

Do the wealth magic etc. But always stick to the fundamentals and rules of the system you’re using for entry and exit and stop loss.


Lol, no it is not. The 80/20 rule is the concept that 80% of your results comes from 20% of your efforts.

Unless your brother has cashed out and walked away with his profit he actually hasn’t made a penny. As in all forms of gambling “you never count your money while your sitting at the table”.

That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Maybe it occasionally works like that for some, but certainly not for most, and not for anyone I have ever actually heard of in my life. Good luck though. I just figured I would lend my perspective, as I don’t have a 9-5 and I used a good amount of magick to facilitate that, which seems to be what you were going for.


What I meant is 80% of my financial efforts go to working 8hrs/day, and a very small amount of time goes into money mgmt. But with if you have lots of investments then that small amount of time managing your investments is actually generating you the most returns.

I also found this quote on StudioArcanis: “More stock traders seek out spirits than any other profession I have ever encountered. You might have a Hindu doctor, a Jewish lawyer, a Catholic repairman, but your broker probably has some Juju shrine hidden away in his upscale apartment.”

Oh well, I will probably throw some play money into it and try. See how it goes.

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I was wondering the same thing myself so I started my own experiment. I called upon Bune a couple of weeks ago and asked for his assistance in choosing some stocks. No result yet that I’m aware of. I carried on with my stock research as if I didn’t do the ritual.

I’m trying to find some nice dividend stocks but everything seems so overbought right now. Feels like most dividend stocks must be bought on a dip to protect against loss of capital.

I plan to contact Bune again and ask for wealth in general to be opened to me. I’m going to read Miller’s book again too. Was it he who bound Bune into a vessel? It seems like investing type of workings will require an ongoing relationship with the chosen spirit.

I think that Damon Brand has a ritual for perception as related to chance in his Wealth Magick book. Guess I need to dig that book out too.

Correction, the ritual I mentioned is in Magickal Riches. It’s his usual style of magick, works well for some not at all for others. Kindle books can be returned for a refund of needed :wink: He does specify it’s useful for trading. Looks like I have work to do.

Go for crypto and invest on Ripple XRP.
I always ask the universe and entities for a lottery numbers for years now and 2 months ago I always had vivid dreams about a woman talking about numbers,she says (2830) also everytime that dream appears my friend will talk to me about cryptocurrency on the same day. Then I found out the real meaning of those number (and its not a lottery number) its a gematria code, translate it yourself to find the meaning. And research on Ripple company.

There is a terribly powerful magick. You can learn the basics of it in a book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrants, by Robert Kiyosaki. Trust me this book worth 10 times its weight in Gold. Thank me later or don’t, just buy the book, read it, understand it and apply it.