Investigate sigil - deleted

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Damn it. Oh well here’s a Corgi to brighten your day! :wave:


Beautifully done. Sorry for asking but is it for an entity or personal sigil?


It’s both :stuck_out_tongue: I wanted to know if anyone has gotten a vibe from him. I got this sigil from a shop owner. She said I can share it if I desired to. I had to ask the shop owner first just in case I’m not supposed to.

Very curious as to who the entity is ha oh man sorry it’s just my curious nature

He’s a demon watcher.

A gatekeeper
But honestly, don’t feel like I was supposed to see that
My hands are sweating you should probably take down the image soon.
And I just heard footsteps shit.

Thank you for telling me. Ilk delete the image. I’m going to inform this to the conjurer to see what’s wrong. More than likely I wasn’t supposed to show his sigil. I’ll be careful next time. Take care.

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