Inverted Pentagram Demon magic, & Black mirror scr

I was using my inverted pentagram last night to keep in touch with the Demons of Hell, without the need for candles and i am very good at it, after all that i put the Black pentagram A3 book on my Alter infront of my Haunted Dibbuk Satanic statue i got out 3 large black pillar candles out of the cupboard from underneth my sacred Alter, put on candle left and right side of my, Dibbuk statue and one on top of the black cover of my black pentagram book, i lit 3 black candles in a counter clockwise direction, then i put hi fi on the play Psionic Asylum 20 mins, went back in room hearing Haunted music loud enough to get atmosphere, i picked up my 20" round black mirror sat on a chair i started gazing in black mirror without seeing my reflection while facing north facing Alter i started seeing a special effect demon with 6ft bat like wing span with pitch black eyes, then i started seeing a massive mansion fully furnished and a dead world with dead trees pitch black clouds, then i started seeing looking at front of my until where i live looking by my letter box and my unit was completely on fire the whole unit was completely encased in fire like a shell, and the flames was burning incredibly fierce, after i finished scrying i went to bed i left the candles running while i was sleeping i was seeing outside of my until a blaze looking from my letter box i heard while i was asleep i massive wind a very loud cracking sound i got out of bed 3 am in morning then i went back to bed woke up 9 am went out looked at my home and there was no burn marks.


This is a cool experience, thanks for sharing.

And I hate to be that guy, but it’s “altar” not “alter”. An alter is a separate identity that someone with Multiple Personality Disorder has. An altar is a place to honor and worship deities.