Inverted Cross Tarot Card Spread

Hey Guys,

Do you guys by any chance know of the layout of the Inverted Cross spread?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Is it the second one down?


It’s fairly similar to that one. Thanks for sharing!

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This is the left hand path so make your own spread - I mean once upon a time people had to.
I use the inverted pentagram but you workout what each card means and their inter-relationship(s). On the lhp seven card readings have a long history: card 1 at the bottom, cards 2 & 3 either side and above card 1; card 4 is above cards 2 & 3 and directly in line with card 1; cards 5 & 6 are on either side and above card 4 and card 7 is above cards 5 & 6 and directly above and in line with cards 1 and 4. The left side of the Tree is passive (cards 2 & 5), the right side active (cards 3 & 6).

Now here’s a little thumb-nail sketch to get you started, but of course, there’s a lot more.

  1. Deep, underlying causes.
  2. The distant past
  3. The recent past
  4. The present/you
  5. The near future
  6. The more distant future
  7. Outcome
    (And don’t forget to work on the various connexions between the cards.)

Finally, Taro cards are pictorial representations of energies - that’s it: Energies!


Helps if you keep Magickal Journal entries.


Should have mentioned that cards 1, 4 & 7 - the Middle Pillar - represent you:

  1. Past you
  2. Present you and
  3. Future you

Anyway, it’s all about energies and their inter-relationship in a given situation so I’m only providing suggestions that have worked for me.


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