Inverse Reiki

I have always used a form of Reiki to heal myself and my children. It came and seemed natural. Recently, I’ve purchased two Reiki self healing books to sharpen that art and have had some sucess without having to take cold showers and draw siduals on the air.
My question though is the inverse of this. Its well enough to cleanse a chakra and empower it but how to clog, blacken, and block a chakra I havent worked out. Also, which chakra is best for a specific outcome since, of course, baneful application is unimaginable.
Just thinking this would be well suited for more suttle results.
Any ideas?


when you perform reiki you attune yourself to it’s current, usually through the symbols. this is pretty much the same as invoking that force. So with that said you should be able to invoke a entity that is capable of baneful intent and through the same method as reiki, direct that energy into them.

there’s a few examples of this in the grimoire of tiamat, where you invoke the spirit, and use their knowledge and energy to direct baneful intent towards the target, usually by visualizing venom or fire consuming them. I’ve tried this a few times but not on people I could verify it’s effects on , so hopefully that’s helpful to you :slight_smile:


oh, didn’t read that second part, as for which chakra is the best, depends on your goal, if you want to zap their will power, attack the manipura, if you want to toy with their emotion and sever their connection to things, the anahata


Thank you

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