Intrusive thoughts

Hey! I’ve been dealing with intrusive thoughts for a while now (monkey brain), negative ones and I am not sure how to make it better, I know that there is a group actively seeking to harm me and I know that their shit is not working, I am not sure if this is mundane or not do you know if anything can help ?

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Working through your fears.
Pulling them out and disolving them.

Picturing yourself within a pyramid that’s covered with darkness. Visualizing and feeling any and all intrusive thoughts being sucked in to that darkness.
Both within and out. Then disolving.

Ideally draw up a sigil of a triangle, with a circle within. And any form of symbolism within that circle.
Offer it to a being you work with.

Travel through it and see yourself within a pyramid of dark light. Use it everyday.

Regardless if someone is sending you healing energy or curses. There sending you energy. Take it, dissolve it and claim it as your own. Then move it and use it, for whatever purpose you see fit.

Stop thinking about the intrusive thoughts. If they are not your thoughts they have no power. Use your will.
Focus below the neck on any part of the body and they should disappear.


Have you tried using the search function? There are threads on this subject that have answers.

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Thank you I’ll try this out !

I didn’t look it up, that is really helpful thank you :blush: