I’m 23 years of age and from the UK.

I’ve always been “Spiritually” minded with a strong belief in the spirit world since a young age, as a child I’d see huge orbes in my room I used to describe as “dreaming balls” and was more “extra sensory” and sensitive to spirit. Although I’d never given it deep thought or got into anything serious and didn’t know / learn about nor practice any magick until very recently (less than a year into it).

I’ve also rarely had things come to my intuition before they’ve happened for example I have a transport related hobby - and before the vehicle has arrived, hours before somethings told me the licence number of what it would be - and that same vehicle has turned up. and various other instances where things have to “came to me” . I’ve not really had any control over it, it’s just happened randomly without trying. it’s not as often that will happen though.

I’m fairly new and a beginner when it comes to occult practices and magick, I didn’t even know anything about the Left Hand Path vs. RHP - However upon learning more, It’s clear that I strongly resonate with the LHP - and always have done, Long since before I was aware of what it even meant. The LHP has always been my destiny, where I feel at total comfort and “at home”. And the more I learn about it and the various daemons, the more it’s as if it’s been screaming at me my entire life!

As far as physical practices go, I love collecting stones, crystals, wearing / using and consecrating sigils & stones, reciting and vibrating mantras, spells and incantations (most of which I’ve found on here) and daily affirmations- making things like Wands. I enjoy divination and pulling a few cards for my self now and then and collecting anything I can get my hands on or any tools that help assist and amplify any Magick or my path working. - and in general, building a stronger connection and bond with the many deities and spirits that surround and support it.

I’d say I feel strong connection with Lucifer, Belial and Beelzebub and that these particular Daemons have always been with me, encouraging and facilitating necessarily development, guidance, growth and change in my life. - Making it possible to finally find my own power, “become my own god” and understand my limitless potentials. And that the only person who can truly limit or slow me down, is me.

Upon learning more about these deities and others it resonates to me to the point of laughing “aha it’s as if they’ve been with me all along” - Especially in regards to now having the power to seperate my self and cut cords with some individual’s that just really weren’t my Vibration - and if anything I allowed them to drain me and slow me down in a very negative way. I was such a people pleaser, I’d often say “Yes” to people even though inside I was screaming “No!”, If I felt like saying one thing, I’d say the other - then later deeply regret it, I never set any boundaries, and was always going against my instinct and intuition just to be likeable. Other peoples Opinions once mattered and I did not have a mind of my own. All of that is past tence now though.

Prior to exploring and understanding the LHP, Magick and the Occult - I got sucked into the trap of a few new age “it’s all love and light” / Conspiracies and disinformation for a while (about 4 years ago) - which lead me to fight against or suppress “the dark” and many things that I didn’t understand including myself - believing most things were “demonic” and “Satanic” whilst not understanding the true meaning and purpose of Daemons. I look back on the communities I was involved with and the people I surrounded my self with, and most are still in that Victim mentality trap. “Everything is demonic” Living in fear, misery, desperation and waiting to be saved.

I lived in fear, suppression, negativity - I was stuck in victim mindset… and lacked the self empowerment, self growth, independence and individuality that I now possess. I was so focused on and was fighting the External, that I completely lacked any knowledge and understanding on self growth and I certainly couldn’t “Live and Let Live”. I strived to be “Normal”, now I couldn’t be more pleased that I’m far from what society perceives as “Normal”.At my lowest I even wanted to become Christian to be “saved”. (I’m not actually baptized or christened, thank God :wink: ) - Funnily enough I’m also left handed and write with my left hand too, which I find funny now I find myself on the left hand path :slight_smile: Whether there’s a deeper meaning or relation to that I’m not 100% sure! But it’s cool! - I’ve heard certain countries and communities persecute those left handed, finding it offensive or that “it’s the devil”

There’s been a lot of programming and deprogramming, a lot of learning and relearning - and still so much more ever continuous learning and work to do… I’ve always found out that just when I’ve thought “Thats it, I got it!” - that I actually didn’t know shit - more doors opened, and I end up down a few more rabit holes I didn’t even know existed. So I’m forever open to continuous learning, growth and knowledge.

And I can say that each and every single one of my experiences both good and bad have been absaloubtly necessary to get to the level and place I’m at now, with so much more to go.

I’m grateful to EA for this platform and all of the other contributors involved with and on BALG. As I mentioned I’m still a beginner when it comes to the various Practices and there’s tons I need to get through, so I’m just taking in what I can as and when I can and putting it to good use. I hope to contribute now and then or leave a comment wherever I can!

Thanks again & #HailLucifer :metal: :black_heart:



I am so happy to meet you! You have a wealth of information already! That all sound so fantastic. Right on, welcome to the forum, and congrats for figuring all that out at such a young age. I’m happy for you.

What kind of wonderful things have you created through the use of sigils, Nathan?

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@Vault_Nathan welcome to the forum

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Hi. And welcome to the forum.

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welcome to the forum. i myself, been reading other people’s threads to see what i should write about when i am going to do my own introduction thread. and, your thread is really inspiring.