Hi I can’t really share my name so I’ll pass on that.
I’ve been practicing witchcraft since I was child without knowing that It was witchcraft.
I continued since it was working and I was getting great results, but I only do magick when I want something I never read a book or fully understood why I do what I do or even considered taking my practice seriously (I’m very skeptical of the existence of entities)
I currently only know the basics and
I just follow my instincts throughout it
And the feeling I get from it is intoxicating and addictive
I’m still uncommitted and trying to keep my mind open for different practices I hope that learning
More about each paths will help me
Find some answers within myself
I joined this forum just to get more knowledge and share any experiences that involves LHP and can’t wait to get to know the community in this forum:)

Welcome to the forum.

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