Hi, I’m new to the site

My name is Daniel Amaro and I’m from Mexico, I’ve always been interested in magick. I grew up catholic but as i got older (about 15 yo) i realized it didn’t really fit with the way i saw life. After this realization i went on sort of a religion hunt to find if there really was a path that satisfied every aspect of my curiosity, i stumbled upon wicca and found it fascinating since it really did seem to fit with my love for magick, this is where i got a lot of info regarding magick, tools, rituals and spells. It was kinda intense at first particularly when I got into tarot since my readings turned out to be very accurate. I kept on doing tarot but sort of left the wiccan path and decided I didn’t need religion to do magick. I went on hiatus for about 3 years due to personal reasons but never stopped loving that feeling of writing my own spells and designing my rituals. (i should mention that i did all this solitary because i was pretty much the only one interested in this kind of things)

I moved to a new city after living in the same town for 20 years and decided it was time to delve even deeper into the realms of witchcraft and magick.

I should also mention I’m a Biotech engineering student.

I’ve been following this page for about 2 month and have been doing tons of research, I would like to evoke King Paimon for tutoring since he has dominion over all the arts and sciences. I have attempted 2 evocating rituals for King Ghob and only got a manifested response the second time (I still thanked and gave offerings both times) and tonight I plan on evoking The King after collecting incense, candles, and bindweed (went through hell and back to find this).

Sorry for the long post, I know an introduction should be short but I thought i should mention all my background

Welcome to the forum.

How long have you been practiceng? In your post you haven’t really given a timeline of your experience, beyond saying you got into Wicca at 15. How old are you now?

Thanks, I’ll be turning 22 Jan 30th so about 7 years on and off

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