hi ! im a baby witch + i’ve been practicing tarot for several years but i want to expand my horizons and learn more ! i’ve crept on this forum a bit and today i decided i’d join since im on here kinda often. hope i did this intro right haha

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Welcome! I’m new to tarot. Just bought a thoth tarot deck for Christmas. Maybe you could teach me a thing or two. :blush:

Hello Bunny! I joined today as well.

Which tarot deck(s) do you have? I have the Happy Tarot. I haven’t used my cards as much as I originally thought I would, but the artwork on them was too adorable to pass up.

i recently bought the book of thoth by aleister crowley !! chock full of information about that deck !! i highly reccomend it

i have the classic rider waite and the thoth deck ! the happy tarot looks adorable i just might have to cop one :slight_smile: