Hello everyone, my name is Gregory

I am a person interested in different forms of magic from São Paulo Brazil, but I think we don’t have high-quality forums in portuguese like this. I already practiced Chaos Magick, Solomon Goetia, Tantra (specially mantras), Kimbanda and Djinn Magick, but I am more interested in the traditional Goetia at this moment.

I am here to learn with more experienced mages than me the things which aren’t written in the old grimories.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested.

How long have you been practicing magick for?

Only 5 years still, I am a beginner in all, but I got best results with hindu and Goetia system.

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I am confused though. You said that you have experience in “Solomon Goetia” but now you’re interested in “traditional Goetia,” but the Solomon Goetia is the traditional Goetia. Anything else is a modern system. That’s why the Goetia is part of what is known as The Lesser Key of Solomon.