Hello. I am ashk and I live in middle east , I don’t have any background about magick but I was keen about the law of attraction and that led me to some hermetic studies, I like to use magick in daily life, my main concern is finding a safe method for beginners, I have read Henry Archer books and am really on to it but I wonder if it is safe or not. Unfortunately I have not a lot information about magick but I hope I can help the other friends in future


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My introduction is ok,right? If I have some question I need to make a new page?

Yes, yours is fine @Thierry007

Hello. Welcome to the forum.

:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:he strikes again!

I am everywhere, and yet I am nowhere.

I see all, and yet I am blind.

I know nothing, yet say everything.

Er…wait, I think I got that backwards… :joy:


Hello I am ashk ,I am a beginner in magic and I don’t have any practical experience in the area, I was keen about law of attraction for a while and I was led to magic by coincidence, my goal is to use magick in the daily life