So I wanted to redo my intro.

What’s up all, I’m Matt
All my life I new there had to be more to “life”
Than what we see everyday. Once I started to see things in my head start to manifest in physical reality I just knew that magick exists and it’s constantly confirmed to me every day.

It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I started to take being a magician more seriously.
I work a lot with just myself, I never really bothered to contact ancient deities or spirits to help with my ascendence, I won’t lie I slightly get nervous with that, which is definitely one of my weaknesses as a magician. I love both angels and demons, I’ve called out to Lucifer a few times in my head, and was amazed and surprised at the immediate subtle messages i’ve received right back. So I know he’s present along with other angels and deities.

Where I need help:
Trusting my intuition: even though I’ve gotten a lot better at this, I still have moments where I doubt myself and sometimes let other people’s doubts and opinions get in my head

Visualization/ imagination: so I feel like this is a super important trait when it comes to being a magician that I personally have overlooked in the past and never took seriously. Growing up I let the opinions of others influence my beliefs on my imagination and visualization, was always told if it’s not physically before my eyes then it’s not real. Over the years I realize this isn’t the case, especially as I started to get into psi- vampirism. So I’d like to work on this more especially when it comes to shielding and protecting myself from negative energies, and also feeding on and illuminating others.
I love receiving advice and tips from all of you on this website, I wouldn’t have joined if I didn’t !

Control: I love control, which is why I love magick. I love to be in control, not of others in a dominating way.
I like to have control over my own life/ destiny, the ability to bring what ever I desire to me.

I’m a very peaceful person, I like to promote peace, love and happiness. At the end of the day I feel like that’s what we all want for ourselves as humans, and for each other. Not to mention being in the mind set really has benefitted me and I believe has granted me good karma.

I love magick that has anything to do with enhancing my lifestyle, career, beauty, and overall health and well-being. And joining this amazing website makes me feel that much life connected with everyone and myself as gods and goddesses.

I apologize if all that I wrote sounds random, I have so much id love to talk about, just don’t want to come off rambling or be that person that people skip over haha. I probably will come back to edit this passage but I appreciate you all for reading anyways. stay blessed BALG fam


None of it was skipped over and a very well written introduction :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: much love !

Thank you for doing an introduction, as requested.

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Welcome :blush:

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