I am very new here. Still trying to learn. I am totally new. I am just reading on how to post. I am a respectable person and only want to learn. Everything just came at me out of the blue and I started watching many videos on YouTube. Then one day I just bought the cult classics 1 on audible and 2 or the cult classics. I read three of them going on number 4. I just been head long ever since reading and watching the videos.
Sorry if I am long winded in the writing. I am actually a quiet person and really don’t talk as much. I am also excited to be on this forum and learn this material. I just started everything. I have a amulet a talisman and some Crystal’s plus three of the works I have five more to go, not to mention all the other material.
I am beginning and only using candle magic since I don’t have much room to build an good alter yet. Right now I am using my amulet, talisman, and Crystal’s for help, concentration and protection. I still interested in Astral Travel and meditation and plan on getting into those courses. I am trying meditation but not sure what I am doing that’s why I will get the course.
It’s just so much and so much I can do. I will admit I am just a dabbler but I want to be more and improve. I hope to meet some nice people and learn. It’s nice to be on here and hope I can learn something,

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Thank you for doing a proper introduction, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Sorry about that again.

welcome to the forum

Welcome :blush: good luck on your journey

Thank you. I learned a lot in the forums.

Hi. Welcome to the forum.