Hello Everyone.
My name is Christa but I perfer to go by Nico, Im 28, a pisces and a disabled artist. I was encouraged to check out this place by my brother, not sure if hes officially joined, but speaks highly of what hes read.
Im not very experienced when it comes to magick but have done some introductory reading and have done some minor spellwork and sigil work but mainly for emotional fortitude.
Id really love to learn more so I can use Magick to gain more confidence, strength and be able to channel more of myself into my artwork
Thanks in advance, hope everyone is well.
Attaching some of my art to get a feel of who I am


Welcome! You’ll enjoy it here! Nice pieces. Very unique!

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Welcome to the forum! It sounds like, even if minor you are doing witchcraft. Spells to improve ourselves or fortify ourselves are a very strong part of a lot of our practices. Working through old traumas, especially, is a very powerful magick.
Your art is fascinating.

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Welcome. Lovely artwork.