You wanted to know about some of our experiences with the Qlippoth… well let me see I’ve got a couple. Well, a LOT more then a couple, but that’s just a figure of speech.
I remember the first time I worked with Naamah and the Lilith qlipha. I actually fell asleep during the ritual because I was experimenting with sleep deprivation to amplify visions, and hadn’t slept in about 70 hours. I was specifically working with Thomas Karlson’s qlippothic invocations, followed by a meditation chanting Naamah’s enn (this is where I drifted off). Any how I woke up, or at least I think I did, to the strongest erotic charge I have ever felt ( It was pretty fucking amazing!) and I looked around To see this … RED/MAGENTA mist covering my whole temple… like actual physical mist. I was far too tired to even think about continuing my ritual, so I stumbled to my bedroom and flopped on my bed still in ritual regalia. I have had many such spirit manifestations, but as it made me under perform in my ritual, that was the last time I Used sleep deprivation as a visionary aid.

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Working through Daath was the only time something has tried to possess me against my will. I quickly realized what was happening though, and was able to cast the entity out.

Welcome Izonia77. loving the art work

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Thank you for that! Its great and really exciting to share my stuff somewhere someone will get what I’m putting down! Is there somewhere I could see your art? I really love seeing what other people are doing, its so inspirational.

Thank you for sharing your experiences! So far what I’ve read and been reading about the qliphoth and from other magicians experiences - it is deeply personal and entirely relative.
I read Karlsson too! as well as Ixaxaar Sitra Achra. They’ve been really helpful in understanding the general baseline of each sphere. I’ve been using V.K Jehannum’s rites and sometimes Asenath Mason’s books (but I don’t feel as confident with my astral yet). So far I’ve had very good results which really seeded some significant personal changes around boundaries, giving/receiving and my own aversions to certain feelings, thoughts, behaviors and beliefs. I was able to do some significant detachment of my own ideas and beliefs around good/bad, right wrong and this was so fucking liberating. I think I understand self-determination a little better now.

I really like what you said about Naamah and the red mist! When I worked through Nahemoth after doing the rite it was like I was sitting in my bedroom, but also sitting in a giant cavern that smelt of dank and blood. This is the same experience I’ve had working with dark earth energies. But the whole cave was a deep red, with a mist - really spectacular. I get why there’s womb references in the literature.

haha sleep deprivation is surreal but also brain grinding; not something I’ve done on purrpose haha but its been done for thousands of years for a reason - probably haha

You know, I’ve heard some mixed things about Daath. From what I can tell from the sitra achra, daath is similar to void - the fullness of nothingness and the space that sits at the beginning and the end of all things. But I’ve heard other practitioners talking about getting lost haha and this spooks me. It’s good you knew how to handle that, and I will definitely be keeping this in mind.

Thanks again! I really loved hearing your experiences, and for the opportunity to bounce of someone else’s experience is always valuable to me

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Thank you!

I have but one small observance. The void and the Abyss are most certainly NOT the same thing. The void Is the “zero” point, the wellspring of all creation. It is the solace we seek within meditation. and the emptiness we fill with our Imago to create magick. It is the home of the ultimate observer, the seer of all things, and the infinite point of consciousness within each each individual thing. It is very often referred to as “the womb of Lilith”. It is the astral plane.

The Abyss on the other hand, is the hungry maw at the end of eternity. The END of all things. The Abyss devours and purifies. It reduces the false illusions of reality and self to their existential core. Many believe it to be the source of all entropy… and therefor death. The Abyss is what destroys all things in order to reveal the truth of the ultimate observer. whereas the void IS the ultimate observer.
yes, the abyss is a terrifying place! I almost lost my sanity… and my life working though Daath. It took me about 6-7 years to get through the trials of that sphere. It changed me. And I’m stronger for it. I also no longer fear it, because by working through it, you have to learn to become one with it… or you wont come out AT ALL. However I would not trade that period of my life for anything. because as my patron Asmodeus says:

“in order to see one’s own light, they must jump headlong into the darkness, and never again look back to the light”

Great! I think that’s what I’m getting my wires crossed. Meditation is exactly what I’m thinking of when I think of void.

Hearing what you’re talking about makes me think I’ve had a similar experience. I had a really intense hallucinogenic experience a long time ago. All I remember is flying upwards and upwards and then nothing. Afterwards, I felt I become super aware of everything that had built me, everything I was and how this created my life - how little control I actually had (who am I really?). It was deeply purifying, but deeply terrifying for a little hippy who didn’t know up from down. I think I died that day. It was the most fucking intense experience of my life. Something that took a long time to rebuild after. Definitely testing of sanity 100% but also solidifying.

I don’t want to subtract from your experience, if its different then I did not abyss at all haha
I think a recognition of strength and gratitude for tough learning really solidifies something so deeply powerful.
Asmodeus is 100% correct, thanks for sharing that. Recognition of your own light, that’s powerful. It’s amazing how light get’s outsourced, for sure.

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Hi Jess, welcome to the forum. You’re very talented, those are beautiful paintings. :hibiscus:

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Thank you :slight_smile: I appreciate that

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WOW! your artwork is absolutely astonishing! I would love to be able to create art as beautiful as that! You have a very strong presence @Izonia77 !! Welcome to the balg community and may you find that which you seek!

Peace and love to you!

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Thanks for that Zel! It’s a rewarding hobby, that’s for sure. This is a great forum, I’m looking forward to learning all the things :joy:


Brilliant :rofl: I have no doubt that you shall indeed learn all the things and pour it into your fantastic art!!

If you ever need anything we have a lot of knowledgeable souls here who are always very helpful!

Good luck on your journey!

Peace and love to you!

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brushing off cookie crumbs

Right. Right. There are no cookies.

Welcome to the forum!

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You ever seen any of Rosaleen Norton’s art?


haha this didn’t strike me as a place without cookies
Thank you :smile:

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No I haven’t but I will check it out


Your work reminds me of hers. I’m about two hours north of Sydney. Where you?

Isn’t the occult scene Down Under really sad?


That’s a HUGE compliment - thank you!
I’m in Geelong haha but good to see another Australian
It’s pretty low key here for sure - lots of new agers. There are a few great practitioners in Melbourne; but I haven’t met a lot of people so far. Hopefully that changes.
I did a scoure online trying to find groups here, but so far all I can find are the O9A, which I’m not interested in :smiley:
No luck in Sydney?

Study everything from the Order of Nine Angles, particularly their early materials; especially Codex Saerus. Don’t let their National Socialism put you off. I’m a Libertarian (Anarcho-Capitalist/Free Market Anarchist). They use National Socialism to put people off from studying their material - and it works.

While you’re at it you may wish to research the newspaper, magazine and book entry stories of six million dead Jews published in the forty years prior to World War II (1900-1939). The last time I looked I think there were 245 such pre-WWII articles. My personal favourite is the 25th of March, 1906 New York Times article which uses the word ‘solution’. You may also wish to study the fake gas chambers at Auschwitz as this information, although not well known, has been around for the last twenty-six years and is not even debatable!


Yeah I’ve heard around the traps that they were associated with nazi stuff and that was the turn off for me. As well as a few other practitioners who question the efficacy of their material. I’ll have to do more research - that’s for sure.

I get what you’re saying but I definitely don’t deny the holocaust. I was just talking to my housemate who’s done extensive research and he was talking about the American governments association with IBM in documenting the camps in world war 2.

I get why people are wary of government documentation and I by no means am saying that they are 100% legitimate; I think all government bodies have their personal agendas - this is clear globally and historically. I just think there’s so much external evidence including photographs, physical buildings and survivors; all of which I think strongly support the reality of the camps.

I also wonder how detrimental the denial of camps can be in our current political climate. Especially with the extensive camps cropping up across China. I find this all very scary if I’m honest.