Hello there, Im Kapoc from Florida, Im really new to magick. But I think that magic found me out of the blue a few months ago. I have always bean inclined to angels, spirits etc But I have never tried something.My kindle is full with books from Damond Brand, Corwin Hargrove, Henry Archer and Tristan Whitespire.
Im humble and I know I have a lot to learn but we all have to start somewhere.


Welcome @Kapoc, the forum is a great place to start your journey, do you have any areas of magic that interest you?:blush:

Actually yes, yesterday was my first time working with an angel/demon. I choose Bune and Clauneck.
I followed Tristan Whitespire method yesterday at work before going home and this morning I found a nice surprise already.
This is a public praise to Bune and Clauneck.

I do have a question, I would like to keep a long therm relation with them and not a quick ATM. Should I focus on one only?

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All beings work differently and bonds made are individual, personally I work with Pacific beings suited to the situation/magic I am doing.
I do however have a very good relationship with one, which had took years of working, learning and development to maintain.
My advice have patience, listen & learn.
ask questions to not only spirits/demons etc but read and speak to others on the forum.
Good luck :blush:

Thank you, that was a really nice advice.

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Hey, Kapoc, welcome to the forum. Are you anywhere near the Florida Correctional System cemetery grounds in north Florida?

Hello and welcome to BALG.
What do you hope to gain from your visit?

I have to google that one, that would be a no. I’m 6-7 hours from there. Do you need something specific?

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What do I hope to gain…I guess what I’m hoping is not to waist to much time going to a rabbit hole of information that is not taking me anywhere.

Im new to this and for now I have been reading books about angels/demons.

What i do really hope is for a mentor that could tell me “you know what, don’t even try this, it didn’t work for me. Try this and that instead I have had results doing this etc”

But for now ill keep reading more books, Im leaning to all the financial/wealth side of angel/Demond

I don’t, but @Frater_Dark_Matter does. Thank you for asking.