hi, really haven’t much to say about me, I’m into plants, vidya, channing and occultism, focusing on becoming a more integral person and passing uni courses. hope we can get along


Welcome. Please introduce yourself properly. Tell us about yourself and any magical experience you have.

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What magical systems or methods do you have experience with?

What goals or struggles are you looking to magick to help with?

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I’ve tried invoking//evoking olympic spirits, goetic spirits, haven’t been keeping track but I’d say hits a third of the time.
I have issues with meditation, I can’t stay still(mentally) for more than 20 mins and can’t even study without music, I’ve been taking jabs at the occult since I was 13-14 and had some great success but mostly no results
I do divination with the 40 servants deck (been getting better with practice) but I want to focus more on active magic, to do stuff and produce results.


browsing imageboards (4chan, 8chan, etc.)

OK. First things first – there are a heap of better things you could be doing than wasting your time on left hand path Magick. That said, certain individuals just can’t be helped and you’re probably one of those types. If so, don’t despair but remember that your individual left hand path continues beyond this incarnation; the path is long and inherently lonely.

Get an inexpensive, soft cover exercise book as your first Magickal Journal. With practice you’ll learn how to use it and when you do it’ll be your most precious grimoire. Learn and practice a banishing ritual until you feel the movement of energy, then learn evoking. I strongly recommend Magickal weapons, but there you go. I also recommend the Order of Nine Angles because their techniques are brutally effective and time is short. If you can find it, The Church of Satan by Michael Aquino (particularly the appendices) is truly fantastic.


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