Hello everybody, let me start by introducing myself, i am itedjere Patrick but u can call me Patrick,i am 29yrs, a Nigerian, my whole life is committed and dedicated to the quest for knowledge and power because i believe knowledge is power, i have so believed in the supremacy of the spiritual over the physical,i have read through many books of the occult, i can spells with about 70percent efficiency, i have tried to evoke spirits or summon spirits with a little or no response, so i guess there are certain things i have not done correctly that were suppose to be the foundation of my magick life as suggested by E.A. so i want to start by building the foundation of my majick through BALG E-book but the only problem i am having is how to order it from a country where the banks does not provide the services of credit card or PayPal,except bank transfers even the guy i met on because of his religious believes bluntly refuse to lend me the assistance of his agency, so i need the help of kind spirited person on this forum who uses creditcard or PayPal to send me a bank account information for transfer to iogbevi@gmail so that i can pay into his/her account from Nigeria, i can assure that all your information’s will be safe with me


I’m sorry you have this kind of problems.

Have you tried to contact Become a Living God assistance?

I suppose they may help you with this issue.