Hello Everyone.

I have just joined the forum. I am a big fan of EA and have read many of his books. My favourite being the kingdom of flames.

I have worked with Magick for a number of years now and my interests are in old fashioned Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Voodoo and Divination.

I have worked with many of the Goetia, but since King Belial came to me in January of this year, my work is mainly with him at the moment and it is interesting to say the least.

I have joined the forum to speak about my magickal endeavours with like minded people and learn more and ask questions to further my knowledge.

My past has quite intense workings with Glasya Labolas and Agares. I hope to try and share some of these experiences to help others and also to make sense of some of them with other practitioners.



Welcome to Balg. I too am a fan of EA. Welcome to this forum and I hope you enjoy all that you find here. I am currently experiencing Belial who I find just absolutely amazing.
Love to hear how your energies met sometime.

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Thank you. King Belial has been the most powerful,strong and unusual (in a good way) spirit I have had the pleasure of learning from. Would love to share Belial experiences with you.

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sounds good! I have found that when I call him, he’s just there. So many people here focus on seeing his image during an invocation or require constant proof he’s there. I have found he just is. I wish I could explain that but when he’s there I feel it in the air, my perspective of things changes and I can just see his energy at work changing things… It’s more of a knowing or a sixth sense but I feel it goes beyond that.
What’s your experience been ? because I know it’s different for everyone.

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Welcome! I’ve also have worked with Belial who I can best relate as being a mixture of a wise wanderer, a strong leader, a drill sergeant, and a madman in the most interesting of ways with a very supportive side. Working with him has changed my view of the world in a huge way. While I am currently working with Lilith, Belial never seems too far away.

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He is present at evocations by making the incense rise in a perfect straight line and then go into whirlwind type motions when I speak to him. I feel his energy like a giddy /drunk feeling sometimes and he most often comes to me in the night.

I have seen him take many forms to communicate to me in lucid dreams. When I did baneful with him, he was like a black scaley tentacle wrapping around my target.

When he is teaching me, he comes as anything from a tall man with blue eyes to a figure in a judges wig once. He is the only spirit I can clearly HEAR though. I will start a topic soon when I have settled in :slight_smile: Be good to hear yours and others too!

Amazing! The thing about Belial is that he makes you strong and tests you I find. He changes your mind. He told me to get over my fear and control my emotions. No truer words said!

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Look forward to your topic, I have a good feeling about you. Very familiar to me your energy is.

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:slight_smile: You too. Good to have a found a friend already