Hi, so I’ve started down my path.
I’m personally following a chaos magick/ LHP mix, I’ve got a view on magick being about using the source power to shift ourselves to the realities we want in a quantum landscape.
So my view of Demons and God’s is that they’re entities of higher/outer dimensions that have a greater overview of our reality - we’re Flatlanders to them
I see Demons as sentient energy beings formed of coagulations of ‘noesis’ (Plato’s Divided Line) which goes back to their Egregor past
So thanks for reading my personal view of magick work, any questions or comments are appreciated
Il Taloc

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you!
Is there a particular forum where I can post praise for entities I have worked with as an offering?

Welcome! And yes, there is

Thanks for the directions!

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How long have you been practicing?

Honestly just very recently, a few months.
I haven’t yet been able to make TRUE contact but I have been practicing contact with a couple methods
I used ritual one from Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick
And E. A. K’s demo on using demon sigils video

I’ve primarily been doing research, practicing tarot learning associations all the basic stuff

Do you have any advice or techniques at getting better at sensing spirit presences?