Hello to all who read this, I was recently referred to the idea of actually making an account on here.
I am fairly new to magic, and I have no idea what path I’m going to step foot in.

I do not have any specific nickname, but please call me Willow.
I’m interested in Divination, Lucifer, & Nature magick.
Any parts missed in introduction could be answered by me freely below. :slightly_smiling_face:



Do you have any practical experience in magck?

Yes I do recall- I started out magick involving plant growth and/or healing, and I promised myself I would explore more than just nature.

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Thank you for elucidating a bit upon your experience and welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG :slight_smile:

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Hey Willow,

welcome on board, I am also new here!

Could you share what Healing Magick means to you and your experience with it?

Hi there!
Healing magick in my perspective… That is a tough one.

I would have to describe one example by experience in scenario;
Letting someone vent to you and filtering out the negative energy they’re feeling. I picture two jars belonging to me, and one to the other. My jar is empty, taking in the dark/negative energy and it fades to white, then I allow it to return to their jar.

I usually feel exhausted after so much socializing, and it takes me awhile to recharge.

That sounds like a lot of focus intent is needed!!
But still worth trying out with some personalized tweaks.

I am grateful for the insight, Willow.

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