Hello all.

I am a 25 year old man with a lifelong (since I can remember) fascination and connection with gods, ancient civilizations, magic an the occult.

Was raised christian and then declared myself atheist (mostly out of rebellion and anger) all the while still researching these subjects etc. I came across this site a few years ago but never took it any further.

Fast forward to 2015, I drank Ayahuasca in the hopes that it would help me with my bipolar (have been medication free since) and my “spiritual” journey started. I was then called to go to Peru for 6 months where I underwent an internal recalibration and transformation.

The occult started again entering my life a few months ago (after a whole lot of new age caging and programming) after I actively stated connecting with the Goddess - the aspects Ishtar and now Hecate.

I did some pretty spur of the moment evocations and offerings to Hecate (I have been meditating for a couple of years now and, especially since Reiki, I have become quite proficient in energy work - though I still have sooo much to learn, build and improve) asking her to teach me in the arts, to assist me in becoming a god in my own right (absolute freedom of and to) and I sensed that she was pretty behind me regarding this.

A couple of days later I was contacted by an entity that I now know Hecate recommended him to me in a way, to assist me in the more practical teachings of becoming a god - my own power, ruler etc.

I saw a red devil face with a snake around it’s neck and the name that came through was Belial. (This was almost right after a silver deer headed entity named Lebial came into my awareness).

The message was quite clear - he is here to teach me complete independence, no master - “Allow yourself to trust yourself fully” was what he told me. This is what I asked of Hecate.

I got a very Pan, Cernunnos and wild vibe from him. Also hardship - which kind of scares me. Other attributes that came through was Discord, chaos and weather (storms) and serpents. Along with his appearance I also saw 7 lights falling from the heavens into the Earth? Can’t find anything on that… might have been 9?

After researching him I received a lot of confirmation regarding this experience and have felt myself go through an initiation since a dream I had (that I feel was done under the guidance of Hecate) a couple of days ago.

So yeah. Thanks for reading this far. I hope to learn so much and a few words of encouragement would be great :smiley:


Welcome to the BALG forum.

Thank you :).