My name is Caain, im from the beautiful country of Sweden. I have been on the LHP path now for 28 years.

My Patron demons are King Paimon, King Bael, Duke Dantalion and President Valac.

I have a picture of my Valac Sigil on my left hand but as a new user i couldnt show it to you guys because of the restriction.

Cool i can show u guys my Valac sigil now

Im most interested in human psychology and the behavior of people. I dont care about "worldly stuff like money and such. I just want knowledge of how humans are thinking, triggered and how to control them.

And the most important knowledge, how i myself are thinking, triggered and can be controlled. With this information i think i can truly be a living God amongst the “Sheep” of ordinary “sleeping” people.

This is my goal and the works of my Magick.

Lux Omnia Vincit , In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi, Ave Voluptartis Carnis !!!


Welcome,looking forward for your posts :+1: