Hello im Oakley, im 36 live in south orange county california.
In a search for the a symbol i saw in the sun…

I will not say the symbol is christian just because of whoever that guy it says so… but i am seeking knowledge on it…

Thank youchrristian-fish-symbol-eye-of-god

Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

Do you have any experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice?

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Ha! I didn’t even realise it was in the wrong section. Good catch!

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I have not practiced. Read some occult stuff. Primarily looking to see what that is. Read some things that pointed me to Luciferians… and since it all seems somewhat speculative im not 100 percent on things…
Id like a bit more of a foundation.
I apologize if the questions are to much… i have been trying to find what i saw Exactly how i saw it for a very long time.

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Thank you for expanding a bit on your experience :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen the symbol before but maybe someone else has.

It was in the rising Sun 3 phases or levels in.
The first being yellow or gold the second white and the third clear like crystal. Then it emerged from that as if it was below it.
Crossed my eyes when this was happening…
I know its tied to the sigil of lucifer. I am just curious as to what it means if anything.
Even in the book of revelation it speaks of a angel being in the rising sun. It gets confusing at times. .


Supposedly the eye of horus

Yes ive read. Horus. Ra. Some indian diety.
Eye of odin sacrificed in the fire…
Every culture has some story of it.
Just was curious.

Hopefully you find someone that uses that sigil here and explains.

Or if you Switch it on his feet it looks like a Yoni(Vagina) i am no pervert but the feminin aspects is often depicted in the past times in some workings like that .

Christians as usual change it and make somtethi g out of their own with such symbols and knowledge.