Username is Antony.

I had been researching many things on the occult and esoteric traditions for a while now, a few years. I had some odd things happen in my distant past as well as recently that I had determined are spiritually induced, not many positive. Nonetheless I had come under the impression that something has lead me to the occult from as early as a decade ago, an influence that I felt for along time but could never identify. My life had taken a sharp change in course since discovering the occult, especially left hand topics. Feeling blind while searching for this influence, I’ve decided to take the first step in these left Handed practices to find out the true source of what I’d determined is a calling.

A couple years ago I started basic sigil magick but have been looking for a deeper, alchemical form of insight. Most of my interest has lied in historical Gnostic traditions to uncover the true origins of Christianity and the magickal interactions between different currents. I thought this forum could provide some insights and answers.


Thank you for completing an introduction :slight_smile:

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Hail Antony! Welcome!
Good intro.


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Welcome to the community Antony

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