Greetings, I´m new here :slight_smile:

Student and practitioner of certain forms of Vama Chara Tantra (Aghori, Kapalika & Kaula tradition), Qabalah/Qliphoth, Gnosticism, Hoodoo and Folk-Magic as well as Necromancy and Kundalini (Vama marga) Yoga.

There are many more topics of interest besides the abovementioned :slight_smile:


How long have you been a practitioner of your paths?

I´ve been studying and practicing gnosticism, tantric traditions, qabalah/qliphoth, hoodoo and folk-magic for a couple of years, almost exclusively focusing on low magic.
Also this practice includes invocations, pathworkings and meditations.

As for the yoga and spirit work/necromancy I am a beginner, right now reading up on Left Hand Path tantrism and the different traditions within this subject (I started with Julius Evola “Yoga of Power”).


I might add I have merely read up on certain gnostic paths and not so much practice other than the inspiration I have got from reading the texts :slight_smile:

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Thank you for explaining your experience a bit more :slight_smile:

You´re welcome :slight_smile: