Hey there everybody! My (magickal) name’s Ivar Blackwolf, I’m an 18yo male from Iowa and I’ve been involved in the occult since I was 14. I originally began as a Wiccan/Norse Pagan, then became a JoS spiritual satanist, then moved from JoS ideology to standard Demonolatry/bloodwork, and now I’ve just begun my initiation under the Draconian path. My magickal style consists of ceremonial, blood, and sigil magick, and I’ve recently started learning how to use tarots also! I hope to make some good friends on here and learn along the way, I’m always open to disscussion! Skål!



Thanks man

Welcome @theredandgreenfire

Thank you!

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Welcome to the BALG forum. Thank you for joining. Thats cool you’ve been involved in the occult from a young age. That has a lot of advantages in my opinion. Good to have you here.

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Thanks man, I’m happy to be here.