Hi everyone i decided to join of you on this website like i like that its filled with different views and its always my go to site before i purchase a book to see what everyone’s experiences was and i appreciate all of you people for being so helpful whether right hand or left hand


Greetings and welcome to BALG, please tell us a little more about your magical experience and interests, what type of magic are you interested in and learning about? What type of magic have you practiced in the past?

For most basic questions check out the sites search engine at the upper right dashboard and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You can find the answer.

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Fairly new had many sucess with GoM books working with angels tried sigil ,chaos, demons of magick mostly all my first real experience has been from there books kinda into angels shem angels wanna learn more about other entities like lilith etc amd how ro work with them more others that offer knowledge wisdom im at this level i guess certainly NOT on the drawing circle in the ground mainly of the fact that im not living at my own place and my Christian religious mum would.flip out thats why GoM has help with that i use LBR power circle and my experiences has been great in terms if angel help now moving tords working with sone demons via demons of magick


Thank for the introduction, and listing your interesting experience and goals, welcome :relaxed: