Hello everyone,

My name is Isaias and I’m from Texas (I’ve lived here my entire life). I’ve been a pastors kid from a Pentecostal church ever since i was born but I’ve always disliked it. I’m a pretty open minded person so growing up, I always felt chained down and imprisoned by the religion that my family follows. That being said I have no experience with magick, but I do have and aspiration to learn as much as I can. I’ve always felt extremely bored with what this world has to offer, occasionally I feel a desperate need for something more which has led me to my fascination with the supernatural and other worldly.

This leads me to what I hope to gain by learning magick, I suppose I’m in it purely to find something i believe in. I don’t seek power, fame or wealth; all i really hope to find is a deeper understanding of myself and the unseen world which I am blinded to.

Seeing as I have no experience with magick, i really don’t know what I’d like to study. However I have always wanted to communicate with animals and other beings (which is why I’ve always been fond of familiars). Anyways that is all i can really think of for now.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum. Here is my thread you might useful.

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