Hello, I am new to this forum and am excited to become a member. I am a theistic Luciferian with an emphasis on demonolatry and astral projection.

An area of magick where I need help would be scrying and divination. I can provide help in the category of demonolatry from my own experiences in working with various Goetic demons.

I am glad to have found such a vast community and resource for my study and learning along this path. I look forward to interacting more and learning much in this epic group, it’s great to have found you.


How long have you practiced?

Thank you. I’ve been studying the occult and working with demons since my teen years (which I took a mature approach to). So about 17 years. I’m no expert by any means though and am always trying to read and learn more.

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I’ve been practicing seriously around the same length of time, but I’m always learning new things as well. I’ll only stop learning once I’m dead…and maybe not even then! :slight_smile:

I agree, and that’s a great attitude to have :slight_smile:

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