A forced introduction seems an odd way to welcome someone but here goes. My name is Streech. I’ve been practicing magick awhile now and since I do like some of the balg authors works I figured I may as well see what the forum is all about. I work with demons, Azazel mostly I’d say. Started out in the Norse pantheon and is still a large part of what I do. I’d say meditation is my strong suit in my practice. I don’t claim any expertise or mastery but I’m not a total newbie either. Hopefully this will suffice as a proper introduction as I’ve really not got much to say at this time. Hope everyone is doing well as they read this and may you be blessed in the power and knowledge of the black flame!


Welcome @mstreech :slight_smile: Introductions are not only for the rest of us to know the new members better and help them according to their personal needs/capabilities but is also a great way to spot trolls and scammers early on before they bring havoc to the community :slight_smile:


I understand the idea. It’s just a weird approach in my opinion. Wouldn’t stop me if I wanted to scam people either.


You have a fight to ya don’t you? I respect that. Welcome to the community mate.

I guess it could come across that way. I don’t like fighting at all truth be told. Seen enough of that for a couple lifetimes and it gets old. I’m less enthusiastic about rules that I don’t stand behind. I’m big on personal freedom. I got over it and made the introduction anyhow. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum. So you have past life recall?

Welcome hooman, (don’t mind me,I’m the weird one, lol)

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Not as of yet sadly

Murray Newton Rothbard! Just do it.
He’s now a dead Jewish God to me. Really changed my life as I encountered him early on.
For A New Liberty - highly recommended. I treat it as a sacred text.

P.s. I sometimes pray heartfelt political-economy prayers to Rothbard. Guess I’m not the only one praying to a dead Jew.


I know where you’re coming from and so does the late, great Rothbard. Matter for you, of course.


I guess I’ve never heard the name!

After a google search, it makes sense.

I read For A New Liberty in about 1982 and it really fucked me up! I became a Free Market Anarchist/Anarcho-Capitalist. Everyone hates me. Then I got into another dead Jew, Ludwig von Mises (the Austrian School is full of them). It was these two God-Man, political economists who irrevocably altered my life’s course!

So while you’re waiting for Rothbard’s book to arrive, watch him on YouTube and order The Psychopaths’ Bible for real mind-fuck! But obviously and of course, these are merely my suggestions and recommendations and remain matters for you, so feel completely free.