Hey im angel I’m new to magick I found it interesting since few years ago and now working with demons and invoking some!! This is me thank you!

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Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

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I already did that in another post

I been thinking of invoking marbas, Dantalion, orias, sallos, king paimon, and amdromalius

So you don’t do anything but invoking?

I’m very new to this and I’ve looked into evocation and tried it many times and it didn’t work! So I learned that invoking is easier that’s what I heard others say. I really just want to invoke them and communicate through that and have them help with things that have to get done I’m very worried.

Do you know the difference between invoking and evoking? Because that statement makes it seem like you don’t.

Invoking is calling the essence of a spirit inside of you, in order to take on some of its characteristics. For example, invoking Mars for courage.

Evocation is calling forth a spirit for communication and fulfilling a task for you. An example would be evoking Marbas and asking him to heal your mom.


But when you evoke you have to bring into visual sight even if it is just third eye I don’t care about seeing the demon I just want to communicate with it and have it do what I want.

Invoking is more for changing yourself, than for fulfilling external tasks.

For that, evocation is preferable.

Try this:

I’ve tried that many times and it doesn’t work for me I just wanna communicate and have it done

Well, communication takes practice. It is not an instant thing. Opening a seal is fairly simple as far as techniques go, and only requires a minimal trance state. It is very useful for getting things done when you cannot do a full evocation.

Read this thread if you want to understand how invocation is best used:

Ok then I see what my problem was I have trouble with clairaudience communication and sensing energies…

Could you send me stuff about opening up clairaudience and sensing energies like spirits

Use the search function, the little magnifying glass, in the upper right. This forum is filled to the brim with exercises for development.

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Just saw this post. Welcome to the community Angel. I see you want to invoke Andromalius. I can help you with that if you want.

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Oh thank you! Will invoking him help with cursing someone if not then help me with astral travel, or lucid draming whatever can get me contact with the demon! Again thank you :pray:

Not entirely sure what all he can help with. I do know he helps with stolen things and such.

Most demons are powerhouses though so i dont see why he couldnt

Hmmm interesting can you help me with astral travel or lucid dreaming to contact him. I’ve had tried sigil magick and that shit don’t work for me sooo I just wanna go for a new method of communication yuh!!!

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