Hello everyone… I’m happy to be here finally and i thank the nature for showing me the paths here at last. I have been roaming and wandering around for five years seeking in-depth knowledge about magic… I tried other magic groups but nature took me away from practicing… and I have suffered so much trying to get things right when I abandoned magic for long time… now I’m back and wanted to do everything right… I love to work with bune but I’ll appreciate if anyone can take me as student and teach me along or as partners… I’m mostly available for most practise but not space as I’m too broke to afford a separate apartment at 31years to enable me practise my desires…and though I’m living with my father in abject poverty as he’s supporting me…

But I have a room that’s not private enough as father can interrupt my spiritual practice anything he’s needing attention and such is risky for my practice.

So I desire a handful of help to get money first soon and be on my own then dedicate fours hours in my everyday life to magical experience… I am also a music artist and some left sided business… just to make money… because I joined such business when I was lured to praying for a better life by Christian’s and family pressure… but when prayers wasn’t working to fulfill my desires or provide for my expectations… I turned to the business believing that evil is providing for my needs as at needed and it’s working… but not harm to most of my customers…

Please I need help on virtually anything that can help me get the quality life i desired… please help a new fellow. I remain loyal.


Welcome to the forum.

As a general rule, we do not do magick for other people. We get asked to do so a lot and it just isn’t feasible to perform ritual for everyone. Most of us don’t have the time to spare, and what little time we do have is spent offering advice on this forum, so please do not expect anyone to help you beyond telling you how to do the magick yourself.

Noted,.:+1:. And the help I was talking about is to have the breakdown lists of activities to carry out a magic myself . From things/material needed, position. Enns… time… and not expecting anyone in their busy private life to carry my burden and carry out magic on my behalf… it’s an exercise I want to do myself and will do… not to saddle anyone with it. But I’m lacking the prerequisites as at the time of writing here… and though alot of references from other users has put through to the right place… I really appreciate everyone.

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Everything you need to know to start practicing is available here. Use the search function on the upper right (the little magnifying glass) and check out the beginner resources.