Hello! I’m Sharra and I am an Italian girl. I have been interested in the occult as long as I can remember. I have been practicing magick for 5 years now: I practiced Wicca for two years and then I started to follow a traditional witchcraft path.

I came across EA’s work only three months ago. I really enjoyed watching his Youtube videos and last week I purchased his Black Magick Course. I’m interested in evocation and divination (my aunt has been reading the tarot tarots for me since I was 12).

My goal is to become a black magician.

I am looking forward to gain more occult knowledge and share the experiences!


Welcome to the BALG forum!

Welcome! :blush:

Thank you :sunflower:

Thank you😊

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Thank you very much :blush:

That’s fantastic, I hope you enjoy your time here! Would you mind if I were to PM you and ask some questions about Traditional Witchcraft?

Thank you, Mr Vulture!I would be glad to be helpful! :blush:

Ciao Bella! :smiley:

Ahahah! Great, feels like home already!

Very cool! I live in America but know a hereditary Strega family here from the North (near Genoa).

I’m starting to study it, I’m also getting citizenship there and learning Italian, plus that family is a great resource. I know it differs by region though.

Another Italian girl signed up recently @Gvcci

Hi fallenshadow, nice to meet you!:blush:
It’s amazing, I am from the North too.
If you are struggling to learn Italian, just ask me!

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