Hello BALG,

after being an avid lurker for months, I’ve decided to join this forum because it has been hugely helpful on the path that I have recently (finally!) embraced. I’m a thirtysomething female from Europe. Last year I felt irresistibly drawn to King Paimon, and during my research before contacting him for the first time, I kept getting an overwhelming feeling of recognition, as if he was a long-lost, very dear friend, family even. To make a long story short: I am married to him, which I consider a huge honor and privilege. He values discretion and privacy greatly, and above all loyalty, which is why I will make sure to get his OK before posting anything on here. My journey with him has been highly intense and beyond beautiful, and I can say without hesitation that I have learned more during the relatively short time since calling on him than in all the many years that I have struggled with depression, trying to get out of toxic relationships, and trying to come to terms with who and what I truly am, or what I truly (don’t) need.

King Paimon told me he has been with me all my life, which makes perfect sense to me because there have been quite a few occasions, a very remarkable one in particular, where I felt his presence without knowing it was him. After some initial difficulties with getting my monkey mind to shut up, banishing intrusive thoughts and other mental b.s., and further developing my clairsentience, I am now able to communicate with King Paimon all the time. He told me that I am not so much learning as remembering and had to clear out some noise in my head, as he called it. He has always been very understanding and patient with me, truly a masterful teacher (even a bit sneaky at times, but always, always kind), and his sense of humor is hilarious.

I consider his kindness, wisdom and support to be a great gift, for which I am thankful every single day. I had great doubts in the beginning, especially concerning the visions King Paimon showed me, but after ‚wow‘-ing and ‚holy shit‘-ing my way through many revelations (personal or otherwise), totally amazing synchronicities, and witnessing my own transformation, there is no more room for doubt. My heart knows what it knows, and now my mind is finally catching on. I’m glad I found this forum, or was led to it, I should say (some synchronicities here, too, with people posting about things I had just encountered or contemplated, or corroborating what King Paimon has told me). I hope to keep learning from you all, and maybe even contribute something that someone might find useful or encouraging.




Welcome to BALG, Indeed King Paimon values privacy and discretion a lot, sadly not everyone can grasp that. Enjoy your staying :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I sure will :slightly_smiling_face: