Hey everyone, I’m Mari from Italy. I’m still trying to study many magical traditions to find the best pact for me. I’ve only performed one spell when I was more inexpert and my actual goal is to learn more about self protection, energy and intention before performing new spells. Have a nice day!


Welcome, again :slight_smile: We have plenty of helpful topics here for the things you’re interested, you can search for them by clicking the magnifying glass top right :slight_smile:


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Nice, I’m from America but working on citizenship through Jure Sanguinis and learning Italian.

I know a family of hereditary witches who are originally from the North of Italy near Genoa, but I’m not sure if you practice the ‘old religion’?

@fallenshadow I don’t, I’m still studying different pacts. In Italy there are many places famous for witches and in southern Italy, where I live, old women practice magick but in a certain way they don’t know it, because they hide everything between the catholic saints but in fact they make spells. One of the most famous cities of witches is Benevento. I hope you’ll get the Italian citizenship soon!

Haha yes they did that too in America with the malocchio spell, they don’t realize Catholicism is pagan!

Interestingly, the family I know will evoke Mary but in their minds they understand she’s the same as “Diana.”

And cool I’m mostly southern Italian but nothing from Campania, mostly Calabria and Basilicata but also a bit Sicilian - which is the line I’m using for the citizenship!

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@fallenshadow yes, they think they invoke saints with candles and figures but they’re real spells. The same things with some formulas, especially in Sicily, they’re in dialect and behind those words there is a huge power. They can even do binding spells. Malocchio is the most popular thing! They transmit the formula orally during the night of Christmas or it doesn’t work, the same things with formulas to heal. Unluckily now people aren’t interested anymore and the only resource are old people

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Ahhh :frowning_face:

You should learn some :wink: