Hey there, I’m new to the forum.
It’s my first time ever being a part of a forum like this. How ever I am very into witchcraft and also all things magic related. I have a very open mind, and I love reading about demons, and paganism, and witch craft. How ever, there are still some things I don’t know nor understand and that is how I came across Become A Living God. I’ve recently had something happen regarding my Santa Muerte, and I have lots of questions as to why and what it means, sooo Here I am. Looking for some answers and ready to learn. I guess you can say I’m a beginner, as for I haven’t really dove into paganism and witchcraft as I would love too. I’m here to learn everything you all have to offer. Thanks for readin!


Welcome to the BALG forum!


Welcome to the Family! If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Awesome, Thank you guys! :slight_smile:


Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome Distrait.


Welcome and enjoy :wink: