New magician, really fascinated by magic, looking to learn new ways to work with magic but need help.


So you’re a complete beginner?

What type of magick are you interested in?


Yes I wanted to ask you a question about the Black Pullet, have you used the talisman for calling the spirits to transport you somewhere else or teleport, how does it work and how do you use it?


Yes I am a complete beginner:grimacing:


No, I haven’t worked with the talismans from the Black Pullet.

However, in my opinion, the talisman doesn’t actually physically transport you anywhere, but instead acts like a gateway for astral travel.


So I will only see the place I intend to travel too?



The astral plane overlaps this physical plane. The gateway would take you to the astral equivalent of whatever destination you want to travel to. So, if you wanted to travel to Egypt, it would take you to the “astral Egypt.” You would see people, and things that exist in the physical world, but because it’s the astral, you may see them at any point in time. You could witness things that happened last week, last year, or a hundred years ago. It takes practice to remain in the present time when travelling the astral.


There is also a talisman in which spirits bring you gold? what is your opinion regarding this, it surely cannot be so easy to use these talisman as they are so powerful, does these talisman cause any harm or the spirits when called can harm the practitioner ?


You have to understand that the powers given for the talismans are mostly metaphorical more than literal. If it says that its purpose is to “bring gold,” the modern equivalent would be paper money. However, don’t expect large amounts of cash to show up on your doorstep. Magick works through circumstance and coincidence.

It’s hard to say. Magick can be dangerous, and if you don’t activate the talisman according to what is set out in the grimoire, the spirits could potentially harm you, but that goes for any form of spirit evocation.


Welcome aboard!



And that’s why all newbies should avoid learning to banish and just jump straight in at the deep end. But what would I know? I’m just trying to slow down your progress with wasteful precautions.

P.s. I’ve PMed you.